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OSSCAD VeriCure Scanner App

OSSCAD VeriCure Scanner App

The VISCOM Liner Scanner APP, which is available for iPhone in the Apple Store and for Android devices in Google Play, will no longer be developed or updated. However, we will not actively remove the app from the stores. As long as it is available there and can be installed for the respective end device, this app can continue to be used without any problems.

However, we have further developed this app under the name OSSCAD VeriCure Scanner App as a web-based application and recommend that all our customers switch to the new version.

The OSSCAD VeriCure Scanner App validates the sensor cable used for the CIPP curing process and starts the temperature monitoring. The specified temperature accuracy of ±2°K over a measurement length of 2 km can only be achieved with well matched CMS system components.

The VeriCure Scanner App is a web-based application that can be accessed and used directly with the Internet browser:


Or simply scan the following QR code:

OSSCAD VeriCure Scanner App

This app is used to scan the barcode of the cable drum and the QR code of the Curing Monitoring System. These codes are then sent to the QR database and a PIN code is generated, which can be used to start the measurement in the CMS software.

How do I get the app on my home screen?

  • Open the OSSCAD VeriCure Scanner App in the Internet browser.
  • Open the menu via the three-dot icon at the top right.
  • Select "Add to home screen".
  • Adjust the name of the app if required.
  • Tap Add or position it manually on the home screen.

Further information on Liner renovation and the VeriCure® CIPP Curing Monitoring System can be found here:

CIPP Liner renovation - VeriCure

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