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VeriCure® CIPP Curing Monitoring System

VeriCure is a breakthrough curing monitoring system (CMS), built around Fiber-Optic Distributed Temperature Sensing (DTS) technology, designed to improve the CIPP curing process. Its ability to continuously monitor the temperature during the liner installation helps confirm a more complete cure throughout the length of the host pipe. The result is a fully cured, leak-free pipe, rehabilitated with confidence and verified with data.

The use of the Curing Monitoring System enables you to increase the planning reliability of your renovation measure to reduce follow-up costs, energy costs and CO2 emissions.

By using VeriCure, installers are able to address potential concerns in real time, while engineers and owners benefit from improved QA/QC and a CIPP liner installed to spec.

OSSCAD received the German patent in January 2010 and the US and European patent in 2012. On November 20, 2020, Vortex Companies LLC acquired the patents and CMS assets from OSSCAD. At the request of Vortex Companies LLC, we took over the VeriCure brand for the CIPP business.


Market situation

Even after the acquisition of the patents and CMS assets by Vortex Companies LLC, the CMS and its system components are still being manufactured by OSSCAD for the global market. We have committed to use the product name VeriCure. Vortex Companies LLC has taken over distribution and sales in America. Nothing will change for our existing customers, OSSCAD will continue to hold the distribution rights in Europe.

In February 2024, the VeriCure Curing Monitoring System received WRc approval with certificate number PT/529/0224. WRc Approved is an international certification system that helps suppliers in a range of industries demonstrate the performance of their products and services. Quality, performance and installation are taken into account in the WRc assessment. The verification and assessment of manufacturing quality in a manner similar to the ISO 9001 quality management standard was successfully carried out at our company.

Importance for the sewer rehabilitation

Methods for the rehabilitation of pipe or sewer systems are so-called Cured-In-Place Pipe (CIPP). The CIPP process uses flexible hose carriers made of corrosion-resistant synthetic fibers (needled felt) or fiberglass reinforced plastic composite (GRP fibers) impregnated with a reaction resin molding compound. The installation in the channel takes place via the manholes, in which the hose (liner) is installed either by inversion or by feeder. Curing to a solid plastic pipe (liner) can be carried out by hot curing by means of hot water, steam or by UV light curing.

The structural and operational requirements

The structural and operational requirements for renovated sewers are high. The pipe lining processes are under special control and testing, as their production in the field takes place under difficult working conditions. Ensuring a consistent quality standard is verified after the build-up by acceptance tests. Quality defects on the liner at its installation may be caused for instance by local overheating (due to excessive polymerization of the resin, a too high heat supply or a faulty composition) or by an incomplete curing. The detection of abnormalities and their precise localization along the liner makes it difficult to accept and to sample liners. Due to the risk of sinks or inlets of cold groundwater, a safety margin in energy management is taken into account, which often leads to unnecessarily long heating times.

Unique features

VeriCure® is a breakthrough technology developed to improve the CIPP curing process. Its ability to constantly monitor the temperature throughout the duration of the liner installation helps ensure a 360° cure throughout the length of the host pipe. The result is a fully rehabilitated, leak-free pipe, cured with confidence and verified with data.

Easy to use, the VeriCure optical fiber cable runs along the invert of the host pipe and is activated once the CIPP liner has been inflated and the curing process begins. With the cable plugged into the control box, VeriCure’s CMS software captures and records the thermal temperature, incrementally, along the entire length of the liner. Regardless of existing flow, VeriCure provides highly accurate and localized temperature data; helping ensure every inch of liner is properly cured.


  • CMS optical fiber monitors temperature along entire length of CIPP liner
  • CMS software verifies the cure and installation
  • Achieve full cure in less time
  • Reduce labor, equipment, and fuel cost
  • Comprehensive real-time and historical data
Brochures, Technical Data Sheets
OSSCAD VeriCure Scanner App

The OSSCAD VeriCure Scanner App validates the sensor cable used for the CIPP curing process and starts the temperature monitoring. The specified temperature accuracy of ±2°K over a measurement length of 2 km can only be achieved with well matched CMS system components.

The VeriCure Scanner App is a web-based application that can be accessed and used directly with the Internet browser:


Or simply scan the following QR code:

OSSCAD VeriCure Scanner App

This app is used to scan the barcode of the cable drum and the QR code of the Curing Monitoring System. These codes are then sent to the QR database and a PIN code is generated, which can be used to start the measurement in the CMS software.

How do I get the app on my home screen?

  • Open the OSSCAD VeriCure Scanner App in the Internet browser.
  • Open the menu via the three-dot icon at the top right.
  • Select "Add to home screen".
  • Adjust the name of the app if required.
  • Tap Add or position it manually on the home screen.

System components of the CMS

The CMS controller can be supplied either as a mobile, portable unit for the use in the field or as 19‘‘ version for the installation in the truck of the company installing the liner.

The mobile CMS measurement device contains the under mentioned system components:

  • DTS controller
  • IPC with keyboard
  • CMS software
  • Optical connector (BlueBox) for the connection to the sensor cable
  • LAN socket, WLan
  • Socket for the energy supply


Powerful CMS software

By using the CMS software, the temperature measurement data can be prepared so that the user can assess and control the local and temporal curing process of the liner during the renovation process.

Standard views of the software are the so-called Zone View, the 3D Plot and the Curing View. The 3D Plot and the Curing View serve as proof of quality for a professional rehabilitation. The zone view provides the installer with clear decision criteria for the energy supply, so that the renovation can be completed successfully even on difficult construction sites.

CMS sensor cable

The CMS sensor cable is designed to be drawn from a cable drum directly into the sewer.

To ensure the quickest possible connection of the sensor cable to the CMS controller at the construction site, the sensor cable is pre-assembled with an optical plug, so that the measuring system can be set up and is ready for use in a few simple steps.

Application fields of the CMS measurement system

The CMS measuring system is suitable for the Cured-In-Place Pipe (CIPP) renovation of waste water pipes (sewers) and pressure pipes (drinking water pipes).

CIPP renovation of a drinking water pressure line by means of the CMS technique

Types of CMS sensor cables

Depending on the diameter and the wall thickness of the CIPP liner, and taking into account the chosen curing process (water, steam and UV curing), different sensor cables are available for waste water and drinking water pipes to provide high mechanical protection for the fiber integrated in the sensor cable.

CMS sensor cable notations

  • FlatTemp / FlatTempWater
    Section shape: 3mmx6mm
  • MircoCircle / MircoCircle-HDPE
    Shape: 3mm (round)

Our offer

  • Sales of all CMS components
  • Development of customized solutions

Our service

  • Project support
  • Commissioning
  • Training and technical support
  • Maintenance and service


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